My Story

We all have stories. Some stories we craft carefully, some we tell ourselves from habit, some need updating and many unconsciously influence us.  What we forget sometimes is that we can choose our own adventures and shape our own outcomes.  My story has led me here, to help others find greater wellness, build an inspiring vision and live the most authentic life possible.

My story is one of constant change and searching for the right work and way of life, the right mix.  After years of working in different roles in the environmental sector, experimenting with different ways of eating, training a variety of fitness disciplines and mind-body healing modalities, I still felt something was missing.

As this feeling persisted, I found myself clock-watching at work. My health was impacted by anxiety, nutrient depletion and burnout. It became clear to me that I had to listen to the little voice (aka my gut).

The turning point came when I decided to choose what I really wanted in a career instead of what I thought would look good on a resume.  I went back to school.  I put my well-being at the top of my priority list and started building a life that incorporated everything I’d learned about what I am meant for, and I got the support to keep me from returning to my old way.

Today, I facilitate this process of  “Phoenix-from-the-flames-style” personal reinvention for others, among other less dramatic habit changes.  I help people shift and transform their stress and energy levels, become addicted to step counts, build meal prep habits, achieve clarity and choose new, healthier, more aligned paths and move forward on making internal and external leaps and bounds.

My Training (so far!)

  • Certified Health Coach with the Health Coach Institute (CHC, ICF accredited).
  • Yoga Instructor (RYT) with Yoga Therapy Toronto
  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (NWS)
  • Personal Training Specialist (PTS) through CANFITPRO.

From former lives, I have a Masters Degree in Environmental Studies (MES) from York University and am also a Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP).

“This is my purpose work!  I love connecting the dots of our past, present and future.  I love helping people empower themselves and take bold action.  I find joy in supporting my clients through the process of getting out of our own way and into sustained action, I love being the little champion in your head that gets you through the tough stuff.”

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