1-1 Career Coaching 90-Day Intensive

Whatever your challenges related to how you earn an income, you’ve got to love what you do!

When you need to spring up out of a rut, most times there is an internal piece of the puzzle that is far more game-changing than the external circumstances you find yourself in.  When you get to know yourself and update your identity and beliefs about what you have to offer, so much becomes possible, and you’re able to get unstuck from what seems permanent.

This program offers the high accountability and support you need to break out of what is not working and find the language, courage and clarity to land what you are uniquely qualified to offer.

If you are:

  • Spending your days watching the clock and daydreaming about other careers that you’d rather be doing; you know there is more for you
  • Having a negative, Groundhog Day experience which may involve actively resisting the urge to quit your job on the spot or give up your dream
  • In the midst of an unexpected or intentional career or life change and stuck on your next move, decision or strategy for finding work or starting something new
  • No longer willing to accept anything less than fulfilling, healthy work that leverages your gifts and moves you closer to your big vision (and getting clear on what that vision is!)

UpRise 1-1 Career Coaching Intensive is for you!

What’s Included:

  • A customized 90-day program designed to support you in reaching your goals with curated information and coaching exercises
  • 12, 50-minute, 1-1 coaching session by phone, Skype or in-person (in Toronto)
  • Up to 6, 15-minute accountability calls and email support between sessions
  • A five-year career vision and plan, including language, purpose statement, career search strategy and application package

Discover what Jenn can do for you.

Book a complimentary 45-minute Discovery Session with Jenn.
You’ll walk away with concrete next steps towards your goal.

My 12 weeks of life coaching work with Jenn were a true turning point in my life. Our work together was a true partnership founded by her intuition, knowledge and care.

Jenn tailored perfectly this program to my needs. Every session was very helpful and the few times I derailed from the path she immediately adjusted our program for me to catch up and feel great during the process.

Now I feel more healthy, calm and more important, confident that I can take care of myself and fulfill my goals and dreams.

Angelica R.


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