UpSpring Wellness Success Stories

“Jenn has been marvellous in helping me define a concrete purpose statement and goals for 2019 and beyond. I always had a vague vision of where I wanted to be and the energy to get there but I was paralyzed as to how to get there. With actionable steps taken every week, Jenn helped me come up with a path to get from where I am to where I want to be. I have never been more sure of myself and so confident in the road I am walking on. If this speaks to you, then don’t wait until January 1st to take control of your life.”

– Marie S., Canada (Digital Nomad)

“This program wasn’t initially something I thought would be for me because it seemed heavily weighted on ‘health and wellness’ and my focus was more career based. However I cannot stress enough how invaluable the entire process was! It really helped me clarify major questions I had and I see how relevant the health and wellness piece is to all other aspects of our lives. Jenn is amazing at guiding the process. She asks terrific questions that allows you to peel away the layers to the answers you already know internally, but may have a hard time recognizing. There were also a ton of exercises that were very useful. The entire program was very detailed, meticulous, and well designed with a lot of thought. I felt many times I was getting much more than my investment. I can’t recommend her enough if you are feeling like you have many choices, and options, and different opportunities and are finding it challenging to sort through the process and get to a well balanced and exciting place. After my time with Jenn I have developed my strategies for job hunting but also my major independent business idea to the point of launching it. These were the two areas I wanted to accomplish and with Jenn’s help I have accomplished both of my main objectives.”

– Alia A, Toronto

“Jenn has been my motivator and advisor to help me stay on course. She has been consistent with her messages and provided information in way that is easy to understand and follow. Without having that constant support and encouragement that I am doing things right I may have failed to meet my goals.”

– Joe G. Commerce Township, Michigan

“Jenn has been incredibly effective at helping me pinpoint my health-related needs during my pregnancy and to shape achievable goals. Her compassionate and positive approach to identifying tendencies that hinder well-being and finding ways to overcome them provides great support and inspiration. Highly recommend the program!”

– Jen T.  Lima, Peru

“This health coaching program really helped me to get focused on my health goals.  Over 12 weeks, I became active on a regular basis and discovered food that energizes me.  I looked forward to our weekly sessions.”

Lesley B. Toronto, On

“I became a master of self-care and developed a renewed comittment to my health and new career path.”

– Johanna M, Denver, Colorado

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