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1-1 Coaching with Jenn Can Support You in 4 Ways:

Make a healthy transition

Whether your change is something you chose or not, moving through transition in a healthy way often requires high levels of support and internal work to  emerge in a better place than you arrived. This coaching program explores the origins of internal resistance you and how you might overcome specific habit-based behaviour and  challenges to achieving optimal health and together we build new, lasting habits.

Recover from a career-related health issue

Job stress, burnout and other more serious conditions are more common than ever in the modern workforce.  These coaching programs are designed to understand what alignment might be between you and your work.  Through a supportive process, we’ll focus in on what isn’t working, focus on restoring wellness and find new opportunities in the process.

Get unstuck

We all have patterns of thought and behaviour that get in the way of going after the life we really want.  These coaching programs are designed to systematically remove blocks and limiting beliefs to make way for  your bigger vision for your health and career.  You will move into action and momentum and follow-through for yourself with unprecedented results.

Define the future

Being at a crossroads in our career often means choosing a new path.  This presents a world of opportunity which can feel confusing or overwhelming a times.  This can be described as “shiny object syndrome.”  This coaching program brings clarity and confidence to make values-based, strengths-leveraging decisions about your path forward.

UpSpring Wellness Coaching Programs

Up Start! 1-1 Health Coaching Intensive

For you if:

  • You’re experiencing health issues related to work or work issues related to health. (This is becoming increasingly common in today’s high pressure, high competition world of work.)
  • You’re ready to address low energy, burnout, chronic stress, low motivation, feeling disconnected or malaise or the persistent feeling you have veered off your path.

UpRise! 1-1 Career Coaching 90-Day Intensive

For you if you are:

  • Spending your days watching the clock and daydreaming about other careers that you’d rather be doing; you know there is more for you
  • Having a negative, Groundhog Day experience which may involve actively resisting the urge to quit your job on the spot or give up your dream
  • In the midst of an unexpected or intentional career or life change and stuck on your next move, decision or strategy for finding work or starting something new
  • No longer willing to accept anything less than fulfilling, healthy work that leverages your gifts and moves you closer to your big vision (and getting clear on what that vision is!)

Up Level! 1-1 Health and Career Hybrid 90-Day Intensive

For you if you experience:

  • Low energy or burnout
  • Chronic stress and malaise
  • Low motivation
  • Disconnect
  • The persistent feeling you have veered off your path.

Group Coaching Programs

Groups of 10-12 people meet weekly to work towards individual health and career goals in a supportive environment. Groups typically run for 6-10 weeks in locations around Toronto. Registration opens quarterly. Find out which group coaching programs are open now.

Jenn has helped me completely redefine what I am looking for in a career. Feeling anxious and very stuck in a position, it was really transformative and uplifting to explore new possibilities based on my own strengths and values. The program felt focused through weekly exercises and Jenn is amazing at tailoring the sessions based on your own progress and schedule. For me, the most valuable aspect was learning to clarify and articulate my needs and strengths with confidence through a career lens, which I realized was the reason why I went to her in the first place. At the end of my sessions, I managed to find a job much better suited to me based on my revelations with Jenn. Highly recommend!

Leah K.


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